Pinning Butterflies

University of Florida, Gainesville student, Lucasz, shows us the process of pinning a butterfly. The butterflies are taken from their moist environment and pinned to where they are dried and can be displayed.

Pinning butterflies

University of Florida Gainesville student Emma shows us butterflies wrapped before pinning.

Pinning Butterflies

Collection of butterflies wrapped and stored in a container before they can be pinned.

Pinning Butterflies

University of Florida student Emma shows us what a butterfly looks like before she pins it. Butterflies can last for a long time under these conditions.

University University of Florida student, Lucasz, demonstrates the process of pinning a butterfly at the Florida Museum of Natural History. This was part of the welcome reception of ScienceWriters2013. The process, from start to finish, takes about five minutes. Lucasz does it in three. Video shot by David Latchman.
Pinning Butterflies

University of Florida Gainesville student shows us the process of pinning butterflies.

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